Pancakeswap Sniper Bot

Trade without stress and emotions - Save time and effort - High return after trade.

Get Pancakeswap Sniper bot that "snipes" a newly launched token (purchases it at the lowest possible price) the instant it is released to the public, in the very first BSC block.

If you buy new tokens manually then you already know that it is a time consuming process. Some times error occurs at the end and as a result you miss the launch. 
Here comes Sniper bot! 
Sniper bot will help you to automatically buy new tokens in first block, so you get maximum profit, hands free.


  • Buy & Sell Tokens fast
  • Set target profit & stop loss
  • Honeypot Auto Checker
  • Anti-bot / Delay blocks of buying upon liquidity detection
  • Set a Buy limit
  • Snipe liquidity
  • Easy to use
  • Support provided

If any questions contact us on telegram: @cryptobotsbiz


  • Version 2.0 - Feb 11, 2023:
  •      - Improve UI
  •      - More stable performance
  •      - Speed Increase

  • Version 1.0 - Apr 13, 2022:
  •      - Initial Release

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