Pancakeswap Trading Volume Bot v1.3

Boost your Token Trading Volume with Pancakeswap Market Making Bot
Coin Market Cap & Coin gecko is a game changer when it comes to finding new investors for your ICO project.
As we all know Tokens with low trading volume have no chance to be accepted on CMC & CG.
Here comes Pancakeswap  Market making Bot! Our latest bot version increases your trading volume of your Pancakeswap Token pair.

How it works:
1) Run ‘Application’
2) Add as many wallet addresses as you want
3) Connect it with a Telegram account to receive bscscan links of trades.
4) Relax or drink a coffee -  Pancakeswap  Bot starts executing orders!

*The bot works only in BSC network / BNB
Check video of the bot in action.

If you have any questions you can contact our support team on telegram:  @cryptobotsbiz


Version 1.4 -Mar 22, 2024:
     - Working on Pancakeswap v3
     - Speed improvements
     - Logs improvements

Version 1.3 -Mar 09, 2022:
     - Add Linear mode

Version 1.2 - Feb 15, 2022:
     - Algorithm update

Version 1.1 - Feb 03, 2022:
     - Selling issue fixed.
     - Speed optimization.
     - Algorithm update.

Version 1.0 - Feb 02, 2022:
     - Initial Release

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