Uniswap Sniper Bot

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Uniswap Sniper bot is a tool that enables users to buy newly released tokens on the Uniswap platform as soon as they become available. The bot searches the very first Ethereum block for newly released tokens and automatically purchases them at the lowest possible price. This allows users to get tokens quickly and at the best possible rate.

Manually purchasing new tokens can be a lengthy and sometimes error-prone process, potentially leading to a missed launch if mistakes are made.

Sniper bot is a tool to help you quickly and easily purchase tokens during the first block of a token sale, allowing you to get the highest possible return with no effort on your part.


-Buy & Sell Tokens fast
-Set target profit & stop loss
-Anti-bot / Delay blocks of buying upon liquidity detection
-Set a Buy limit
-Snipe liquidity
-Easy to use
-Auto Gas
-Auto Slippage
-Honeypot Auto Checker
-Support provided

If any questions contact us on telegram: @cryptobotsbiz


  • Version 1.0 - Feb 16, 2023:
  •      - Initial Release

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